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And the Winner is... The Power of Integrated Marketing

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein


Everyone’s trying to answer to answer the question "what works today in marketing." Sometimes the answer is not what’s new, but what’s always been true:  Integrated Marketing! The impact of Integrated Marketing – using a variety of tactics to reach your targets – has never been more important. In today’s noisy world, you need to touch your prospects multiple times in order to be heard, which is becoming harder than ever.  In fact, one of our agency’s recent integrated campaigns – Littelfuse Speed2Design campaign – not only produced impressive metrics and results, but took top honors in SEVEN national award competitions: 

  • Marketing prospect database: Grew 212% in the campaign’s first four months
  • Global reach: Website visits and videos viewed in 155 countries
  • Social media engagement: Twitter following grew 1,011% to more than 11,000
  • Coverage: Generated 151 media coverage items and at least 33 unique news stories

Read our latest ebook to see how the campaign worked, and what elements combined to make the effort award-worthy.

Integrated Marketing

Joel Goldstein, Goldstein Group Communications



Written by Joel Goldstein:
Goldstein Group agency president who builds “Measurably Better Marketing” programs that create WOW experiences for clients.

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