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B2B Marketing Trends for 2024: A Must-Attend On Demand Webinar for B2B Leaders

January 15, 2024   Posted By Joel Goldstein

The pace of change in marketing has always seemed fast-paced, but one imperative remains the same for marketers: find ways to improve the number of quality of sales-ready leads and quote requests to drive my company’s growth.

There are several studies recently released that point to critical changes marketers must make – immediately – to the way we all build our digital marketing and lead generation campaigns. This on-demand webinar, “Four Tech-Forward Ideas To Boost B2B Marketing in 2024, discusses four key advances, and how to respond, that should form the core of your approach in the next year.

Why Attend?

This webinar is an invaluable resource in understanding and applying strategies that deal with four key factors:

  • Generational Changes. GGC’s own studies indicated the most significant change we’ve seen to date in how younger buyers find new technical products and companies. The growth of manufacturer’s website, coupled with the decline in third-party media sites and retiring internal experts, points to a change in how companies should spend their dollars going forward.
  • Changes to the Complex Sale. Gartner’s recent report on the Complex B2B Sale indicates a dramatic reduction in face-time and impact for traditional selling. Among Millennials, as an example, 44% of that cohort seeks to make decisions with ZERO salesperson interaction. Digital tools must change to support effectively sell with no company representation.
  • Collapsing Attention Spans Demand New Content Types. With attention spans now plummeting from 2.5 minutes to just 47 seconds, new messaging and content techniques are required to break through the clutter and attract busy prospects.
  • AI-Enhanced B2B Marketing. With some analysts pointing to 7000+ new AI-enabled software tools launching just since the beginning of the year, there’s no shortage of new concepts to test. From HubSpot to dev tools to creative software, what are the AI must-haves in the next few months that will drive your digital marketing campaign performance. It’s time to expect more than just ChatGPT!

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is designed for B2B business leaders, marketing executives and anyone interested in driving digital marketing performance gains during the coming year with new ideas, tools and technologies.

Watch Now

This on-demand webinar is available now.



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