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B-to-B Marketing: 5th Idea for 2014

October 27, 2015   Posted By Joel Goldstein
Conversations, not campaigns. We mentioned previously that response rates for bulk email blasts were declining. We also commented on the growth of social media for driving search. Those two concepts come together with savvy marketers who are using Twitter and email to create individual sales conversations rather than bulk blasts. We’re even developing the concept in our agency of the Twitter Salesperson – an individual in the sales department who reaches out to company followers with specific tips, advice and help based on their tweets, rather than relying on Twitter for blast messages about webcasts or trade shows that are sent to everyone at once. The speed of conversations in engineering-based marketing is important. When people are searching and researching products, they have a question NOW. Live chat or immediate response to emails isn’t creepy – it’s valued. So mindsets based on speed will become more critical.
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