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Accelerate Sales Ramp-up with a Better Approach.

August 27, 2020   Posted By Joel Goldstein

B2B marketers seem to spend so much time preparing for product launches – get the web page launched, fuss over the data sheet, and prepare for searchability. Then, we throw it over the transom to the salespeople, and wonder why orders take so long to ramp up.  “Have at it, sales team.” But they have no input on key applications, competitive advantages, or who to target first. 

Digital marketing can shorten sales startup by preparing a detailed Sales Pillar, just like you build Content Pillars, to point the team in the right direction, right from the start: 

  • What’s the sales strategy? Is this product or service tied to finding new customers, or selling to existing customers with an upsell/cross-sell strategy?                               
  • What’s the UNIQUE value prop for this product? Digital marketing copy can't be based on just the specs in a data sheet.  Go beyond by answering the critical question:  what will it take to get prospects to SWITCH from a competitor?  Don't tell me what you do; tell me what you do BETTER.                                    
  • How do I beat my competitors with this product?  Specs though do play a role.  Be sure to arm your sales team with an understanding of which specs you  have that outperform the competition.  Include "sell-against" messaging in your Sales Pillar, so your team knows where your competitors' weak points are, and just how to take advantage of them. 
  • What applications or industries are most likely to buy the fastest? Save everyone some time by being clear on the people who are most likely to buy in the least amount of time.  Without clarity on the product's sweet spot, salespeople waste a lot of time trying to make a case to a customer where your new service might be a nice-to-have, rather than prospects where you're a have-to-have.
  • Proof Points -- list out the new service's proof points, the messages that build credibility that you're the best option for the prospect.  Don't just say your new product/service is compelling, use proof points to make that case with more impact and authority.

In our White Paper we cover these digital marketing questions and more that you need to ask to get your Sales Pillar in shape.  Answers to these questions will form a powerful selling tool to kick off any sales initiative and Sales Guide that will shorten their learning curve. 

Click below to learn more about billing a Sales Pillar that gets your sales team off to a faster start!

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