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Throwback Thursday: AI for Marketing

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Today we are throwing it back to this summer when Scott McAfferty from WTWH Media visited our offices to talk about how companies are using AI and marketing automation to leverage marketing impact.  

Artificial intelligence is being used within marketing to reach current and prospective customers by creating programs that align with users’ content affinities to drive ROI. AI for marketing is in its early stages and tech tool developers pitch that their tools will have a great deal of impact in how we can find leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers. There is still a lot to learn, though. “While over 80% of marketers have used AI in some way, only 15% are using it effectively. “ (Source) 

At a time when consumers want companies to communicate to them in ways that are personalized and tailored, AI provides an affordable, scalable path for doing just that. Improved search, data-driven content, automatically generated content and AI-driven ad decision-making all are some of the early-adopter tools we're seeing on the market. WTWH has been working with these different technologies and stacking them to more easily and affordably deliver targeted messaging.   

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Other topics covered by WTWH during their presentation: 

Content Affinity Targeting 

  • Target by topic across WTWH’s network of sites 
  • Personalized offers based on content affinity 

Intent Based Marketing 

  • Target users outside of the WTWH network who are searching for specific intent topics across the internet while at work 
  • Narrow down reach by industry, title, geography or company size 

 Account Based Marketing 

  • Target your key prospects with digital display ads based on companies on your target account list 

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