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Making CRM Easier: A new eBook from Goldstein Group.

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein


CRM can be a powerful ally for senior managers or another frustrating software tool that fails to live up to its promises. We recently interviewed a wide variety of CEOs and marketing/sales VPs to uncover, after three decades in the field, what prevents CRM from being used – and how to eliminate those barriers. 

ThinkstockPhotos-472204911.jpgSimply put, true CRM adoption is not hard to achieve. In fact, eliminating just six barriers, common to nearly all companies we find, will take your CRM from frustration to flying colors!  In our new eBook we discuss:

The root cause of CRM struggles in most companies

  • How to create a “sense of urgency” in your company to move CRM from “nice to have” to “HAVE to have.”
  • How to remove the 6 Barriers to CRM Adoption
  • CRM is a core platform for driving ROI and profit margin. So, when your CRM systems work, you can finally get to effective analytics, where you can  “Predict It.  Control It.  Improve It.”

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