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Jennie Ford Speaks to AMA Panel on Digital Marketing Careers

December 15, 2022   Posted By Brandi McElhatten

Jennie Ford, Digital Marketing Manager for Goldstein Group Communications (www.ggcomm.com), was a featured panelist at the American Marketing Association event in Cleveland on October 6.  The panel was one of a series of events connected to AMA’s Marketing Week.

“The panel showcased quite a difference in my role on the agency side compared to the other two panelists, who came from the corporate environment,” noted Ford.  “I spoke about my role in managing a wide variety of different digital marketing components for clients, from social to marketing automation to online advertising and paid search.  The other two had the luxury of being able to focus just on one thing, such as marketing automation.  It was a great discussion of the pros and cons of working in many different roles, contrasted with focusing on one area.”

Ford’s educational journey, which included a variety of stops and starts, provided an interesting backdrop for her comments about career paths and digital marketing.

“I had my third daughter while still in school, so while having children makes it difficult, it’s certainly not a reason to derail your college plans,” Ford recalled.  She began her bachelor’s courses, studied abroad in Australia, joined the military as an avionics communication systems technician, had three children, all while earning both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communications from Cleveland State University. 


About Goldstein Group Communications:
Goldstein Group Communications (GGC) creates high impact branding and lead generation programs for b-to-b companies that are seeking more powerful ways to find and keep customers.  GGC was founded in 1992 as a public relations agency and today represents both entrepreneurial and billion-dollar multi-national firms throughout the country, with 50% of revenues coming from clients outside Ohio. GGC combines both left-brain analytics with right-brain creativity to provide a powerful marketing approach that leads to “Measurably Better Marketing.”

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