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HubSpot Names Goldstein Group Communications To Diamond Tier

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

HubSpot, the marketing industry’s leading marketing automation software platform, has named B2B agency Goldstein Group Communications as a Diamond level Value Added Reseller. HubSpot has 5500+ VARs around the world, with only 1% achieving the prestigious Diamond status. GGC is one of just five Diamond level agencies in Ohio.

HubSpot Diamond agencies are determined based on the number of clients using the HubSpot platform, as well the agency’s performance and certifications earned by staff members as HubSpot marketing and CRM advisors.

“We first became a HubSpot agency seven years ago as part of our strategic shift toward B2B lead generation,” said agency President Joel Goldstein. “It supports a marketing-to-sales imperative for our clients, to be able to drive true ROI for their marketing expenses. HubSpot is a powerful platform we use to not only drive measurably better marketing performance, but to clearly show company executives where their sales come from.”

During the past few years, GGC has built its business capabilities around being able to demonstrate marketing ROI, using HubSpot as a platform for documenting marketing analytics and the impact of its programs.

“Our role is to connect the dots to draw a straight line from marketing to sales to ROI,” Goldstein explained. “Many feel that marketing is difficult to quantify and as a result can’t be measured, yet with all the marketing technology available to us today, that’s simply no longer the case.”

The agency’s 2020 ROI scorecard summary published earlier showed a variety of recent examples from its work this past year:

  • Five digital marketing campaigns for a processing industry client generated $9.3 million in revenue, a 16:1 ROI in digital marketing expenditures; 27% of all deals in the sales pipeline were tied to digital marketing for this company.

  • A contract manufacturer’s search engine marketing and web campaigns posted a 25:1 ROI and generated $16 million in current opportunities being pursued by its sales team.

  • Booked revenue for an environmental industry manufacturer yielded a 10:1 ROI as a result of a campaign to double the “Request for Test” opportunities generated from its website.

  • A pharmaceutical client boosted its lead volume 42%, while at the same time improving its efficiency with a 20% reduction in cost/lead performance.

Learn more by reading GGC’s 2020 Results Infographic to see other ROI stories.

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