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GGC Promotes Five to Drive Client Satisfaction and Future Growth

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

As part of the agency’s continued growth strategy, GGC promoted a variety of team members to leadership positions within the agency.

  • Carolyn Polanski was promoted to Senior Vice President Strategy/Operations and assumes the role of driving the organization’s client satisfaction, quality and organic growth, overseeing the agency’s strategic growth through streamlined operational efficiency. Carolyn will continue as point person for her existing clients.

  • Sarah Gontero was promoted to Digital Marketing Director, responsible for the agency’s marketing automation and digital lead generation programs. In addition, Sarah joins the agency’s executive leadership team.

  • Sandi Hensel assumes responsibility for the agency’s Marketing Manager team and also joins the agency’s executive leadership team.

  • Britney McDonald was named Digital Marketing Manager and will deepen the agency’s data analytics programs as well as continuing to drive paid search engine marketing campaigns.

  • Michael Sago was promoted to Communications Manager and will drive public relations programs for clients in addition to his current role as Senior Technical Writer.

“GGC has come out of the 2020 pandemic period on a very strong growth path,” said agency President Joel Goldstein. “I’m adding to our leadership team with expanded roles as part of our plan to accelerate that growth while strengthening our client satisfaction processes.”

“Since joining GGC, I’ve been focused on deepening client relationships while developing processes and best practices to elevate results,” said Carolyn Polanski, GGC’s senior vice president. “I’m excited to continue that trajectory for our whole client base while celebrating our tremendous staff of experts who meet our core value to ‘deliver awesome’ work every day.”

In the past year, GGC has expanded its national client roster of B2B manufacturing clients, as well as achieving HubSpot’s Diamond Level Tier among its agency value added resellers. Only 1% of HubSpot’s 5500+ global digital marketing agencies are at Diamond level.

“I’ve been passionate about our ability as an agency to deliver demonstrable and measurable ROI to clients,” Goldstein explained, “so that we connect the dots to draw a straight line from marketing to sales to ROI. Many feel that marketing is difficult to quantify and as a result can’t be measured, yet with all the marketing technology available to us today, that’s simply no longer the case.”

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