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The Most Creative Campaign in 22 Years

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

One of our most creative clients, Rhonda Stratton of Littelfuse, put together a campaign soLittelfuse Speed2Design tremendous, so inspiring and with so much impact that it quickly gathered the most awards of any program in our agency’s 22-year history (10!).  The Littelfuse Speed2Design program, which we were proud to support, quickly re-cast Littelfuse’s reputation as a supplier of an “after-thought” component, circuit protection, into a premier brand in its industry.  The campaign has generated thousands of social media followers, hundreds of articles and thousands of leads and contacts for the company’s prospect pipeline.

The secret to its success?  Understanding the passions of its customers.  Littelfuse sells to engineers, and engineers love high performance technology.  So by tying the brand to IndyCar racing and NASA in a clever, engaging way, the campaign captured more than their audience’s attention, but their imagination as well.  You couldn't ask for a better brand impact.

And the marketing industry’s award judges agreed.  The campaign’s award roster is impressive:

  • Platinum Hermes Creative Award – Google Glass Campaign (WIN)
  • Gold Hermes Creative Award – Integrated Marketing Campaign (WIN)
  • Platinum AVA Digital Award 2015 – Google Glass Promotion (WIN)
  • Gold AVA Digital Award 2015 – Content Map Strategy (WIN)
  • PR Daily Social Media Award 2014 (WIN)
  • Platinum MarCom Award 2014 (WIN)
  • PR News Social Media Icon Awards 2014 (Honorable mention)
  • PR News Social Media Icon Awards 2013 (Honorable mention)
  • Platinum MarCom Award 2012 (WIN)
  • PR News Digital PR Award 2012 (Honorable mention)

Read how Rhonda (and our fearless Account Manager Loren Meck) did it.  Our ebook gives details on the campaign, why it worked, and how it helped drive Littelfuse’s marketing forward. 

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