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Search Engine Performance: Moving Beyond Meta Tags Drives This Company’s Search Rankings

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Many are talking and blogging about Penguin and Hummingbird and every change to Google’sSEO Audit
algorithm with a sky-is-falling tone.  And it’s true that the changes Google is making are dramatically changing how SEO companies operate.  But they don’t change how marketing agencies operate, nor do they change the results we can show when we focus on content.  That’s what Google has always wanted us to do, anyway.

For one client, we found that the company’s approach of using integrated marketing – a combination of many tactics, not a search for a “magic bullet” – provided impressive ranking improvement in a relatively short amount of time.

This client isn’t new to marketing.  Its website is well developed, and it’s always adopted a lead-generation approach to how it goes to market.  However, its strength is the wide variety of marketing programs in its arsenal:  PR, trade shows, email, videos, social media, paid search advertising and online advertising in industry publications, to name a few. 

They’re using the whole toolbox, and Google likes it.  Because of its depth of content, number of inbound links from high domain authority sites (i.e. PR coverage on strong media/magazine sites), this company has practically doubled the number of quality of SEO rankings in just 10 months:

Growth in SEO Rankings

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Joel Goldstein, Goldstein Group Communications


Written by Joel Goldstein:
Goldstein Group agency president who builds “Measurably Better Marketing” programs that create WOW experiences for clients.

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