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Google Sitelinks Cost More – But That’s OK

December 15, 2022   Posted By Eriks Reks

It’s more common today to see examples of Google Sitelinks (the mini-links that appear under an organic or paid search ad) included with search results. We’re using them to help our clients occupy more real estate on the first page, as well as attract more qualified visitors to their sites.

We’ve tested traditional paid search ads against paid ads with Sitelinks. Although the Sitelinks clicks do tend to cost more on a pay-per-click basis, we see a far higher click-through rate, often five to six times higher, than we do on standard paid search ads. In addition, users are sent directly to a more targeted page (technical expert, request samples, contact us . . .), creating a better user experience for the visitor as well as driving a more qualified visitor.

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