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Goldstein Group Communications Announces Salesforce Integration Certification

July 21, 2023   Posted By Joel Goldstein

It’s the basic test for any B2B marketer: can you show a direct connection from marketing to sales? 

It’s a simple question that’s anything but simple to answer. It requires not only good marketing, of course, but a properly built “martech stack” of software tools to track how leads convert to opportunities and then which leads eventually convert to sales.

If your company uses one tool for both marketing automation/lead tracking and sales CRM, creating ROI dashboards is much simpler. Chances are, however, that many B2B companies use multiple tech platforms for sales, marketing automation, quotes, and booked revenue. Often we find many of our clients use Salesforce paired with HubSpot, Pardot, or other marketing lead platform.

So how do you get the ROI of marketing dollars spent per sales won in a multi-platform tech environment? How can you match up the ROI numbers when the engineer who generated the lead may be different from the person who places the eventual order? The syncing of different platforms is tricky, but possible.

To help solve the puzzle, Goldstein Group Communications (GGC) is proud to announce that Sarah Gontero, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, is bringing syncing capabilities even further for B2B clients by achieving the challenging HubSpot Salesforce Integration Certification.

The outcome of this certification is to learn how to plan, implement, troubleshoot and maintain Salesforce integrations with HubSpot. In order to get the correct ROI, the sales quotes, closed-won, closed-lost, etc. from Salesforce to match up with the marketing efforts of HubSpot, the right fields, metrics, and paths need to be carefully synced. Not only will this give us our ROI calculations, but it will also help in numerous other ways, including pinpointing which marketing tactics best result in sales or creating campaigns to nurture unresponsive prospects who have received a quote.

Chances are you are already using one of these platforms. However, we find many companies that only use Salesforce and could greatly benefit from the addition of HubSpot. In case you’re not familiar with HubSpot or Salesforce, here are descriptions of the two different platforms.

HubSpot Capabilities for B2B Manufacturers

HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that unites software, education, and community to assist in business growth.

This platform is commonly used by businesses to streamline their marketing and sales efforts, improve customer relationships, and drive growth. HubSpot also offers educational resources, certifications, and a vibrant community to support users in learning and optimizing their use of the platform.

GGC utilizes HubSpot on a daily basis to perform a variety of marketing automation tasks. The platform is comprised of the following hubs:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • CMS
  • Operations

Salesforce Capabilities for B2B Manufacturers

Salesforce is a cloud-based software designed to enable companies to connect customers and help teams work together.

This platform improves team communication, productivity, and business growth. It also offers blogs, webinars, and workshops to grow your knowledge base.

GGC also utilizes Salesforce to perform a variety of marketing automation tasks. The platform is comprised of the following hubs:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Technology
  • Service
  • Analytics

And as stated before, while these platforms have similar functions, different departments within the same B2B manufacturer may use different platforms. The combining of all departments to use one platform would be ideal but not always possible due to preference, policy, or other barriers. The next best option is to sync the two platforms for information sharing and insight.

Bringing Measurably Better Marketing to GGC

Completing the HubSpot and Salesforce Integration certification allows Sarah to effectively integrate the two tools that will enhance internal processes and efficiencies. The integration allows for a unified view of customer data, synchronizing contact information and lead data for streamlined processes. The certification covers best practices for data integrity and consistency that will make it easy to make data-driven decisions and enhance reporting capabilities while addressing typical integration challenges and routine maintenance for a seamless integration between the two systems.

Here at Goldstein Group Communications, we value and support all upskilling and certifications surrounding digital marketing. This certification is known for being particularly challenging, and we couldn’t be prouder of Sarah’s completion and her outstanding abilities to provide value to clients’ marketing strategies.

Do you need help getting started with your CRM platform and getting measurable better results? Reach out to us to see how we can enhance your marketing activities and ROI.

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