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The 5-IN-15 Digital Marketing Audit

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Marketing today can be daunting. We see clients struggle with trying to figure out what works in digital marketing and how to boost their ROI.

Everyone’s trying to draw that straight line from marketing to sales, and we’re working hard with them to connect those dots! In fact, we’ve learned over time that reducing the cost of marketing involves not just making the sales funnel bigger, but also making it work more efficiently.

We typically find a few common areas that companies focus their time on first understanding, and then improving:

  • Key conversion ratios from lead to qualified to opportunity 
  • Cost metric benchmarks for lead gen and opportunity generation
  • Lead generation tactic performance benchmarks
  • Message and strategy alignment

How do your metrics compare to other B2B companies? Measuring performance is the first step to improvement, of course, but comparing your numbers to others similar to you is VERY revealing in terms of indicating where to spend your time.

In fact, give us 15 minutes to go over these questions with you and we’ll uncover together a path forward for producing great results in your 2020 plan. It’s the first step in making 2020 the year you finally can draw that straight line from marketing to sales, and prove the ROI of your programs and strategies.

We’re in the midst of 2020 planning season, and every marketer is looking for fresh perspective and ideas to include in their ideas for the coming year.  Book 15 minutes with us, and let’s discover something new for 2020!


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