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4 Strategies to Transition to Virtual Selling

August 27, 2020   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Social distancing doesn't mean we get to put sales on hold.

As with everything related to the virus, new patterns and behaviors are taking place, and it's likely to shape our method of sales and marketing in permanent ways.

Even though it feels that everything is changing, that actually creates opportunity for those who are open to discovering it.  As our sales and marketing world gets re-shuffled, the first ones to figure it out are the ones who are likely to gain competitive advantage.

Is it possible to sell without face-to-face relationship building? Of course. So, let's discuss four strategies to follow in transforming your sales operation from traditional practices to virtual selling:

1. What tools will help you sell virtually?
2. How can I use automation to build virtual relationships?
3. How do I change the content I'm creating so it gets more attention virtually?
4. How do I change my message to be more persuasive and get noticed without me being on-site?

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