2019 Budget Planner: 5 Key Questions to Ask

Posted by Joel Goldstein

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Oct 23, 2018 2:27:42 PM

It’s that time of year, when B2B marketers create their big ideas and big plans for market domination in 2019.

And as every good marketer knows, next year’s plans begin with a review of this year: what campaigns worked and what didn’t? For most B2B marketers and for most companies, 2018 was a good year. Customers were buying, and many companies will finish 2018 with solid gains in revenue and likely profitability. Marketers are faced with that never-ending challenge – sure, this year was good. But what will you do for me NEXT year? How do we ensure that you don’t lose the traction that was gained last year?

The intersection of marketing and technology is where the competitive advantage is for marketers these days. Consider this: today everybody has a website, everybody has a landing page, everybody has a Request a Quote button. We’re all sending emails to push people to our websites, and we’re all working as hard as we can to win the search engine position battle. So, we’re all doing the same things. Who wins? Who gets the prospect into their sales funnel first? What can you do differently and offer your customers that the others can’t? It’s become clear in recent years that a more nuanced approach, one leveraged by targeted sales activity, is needed to grow businesses.

In our newest White Paper, “2019 Budget Planner: 5 Key Questions to Ask,” we identify the five core questions to ask yourself and your marketing team to begin building out your 2019 program. We address questions about balancing digital and traditional, how to decide how much to invest in brand-building versus lead generation, what marketing technology moves you should make, and even an e-store/Amazon discussion.

We’ve also included a pretty simple Budget Planner to answer every CEO’s question: how much SHOULD we budget for marketing? The math can be pretty clear – if you want to grow X% and your average order size is Y, then the number of leads and quotes that drive the sales funnel dictate the answer. Check out the Budget Planner, and put together a marketing budget framework that finally stands up to the CFO’s scrutiny!




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