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2017 B-to-B Marketing Budget Review

December 15, 2022   Posted By Brandi McElhatten


It’s that time of year for b-to-b businesses - and there are a few things to consider before your company begins implementing your 2017 Marketing Budget.

You’ve made your budget, but are your numbers good? According to the annual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Survey the magic number to budget is 7.5% of your annual revenue. The US Small Business Administration concurs with their percentage being 7 – 8% of revenue.

The landscape for sales and marketing is more competitive than ever. Messaging now needs to go beyond just being aware of the market into messaging geared towards customers nuanced needs. Are your buckets allocated properly with your focus on content to address those needs? Good content generates good leads and that’s the goal. To find out more, download our new eBook today!


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