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May 24, 2023   Posted By Carolyn Polanski

How a Digital Marketing Revamp Increased Sales Qualified Leads and More for a Manufacturing Company 

As marketers, we are used to applying tactics as the situation demands. Sometimes it takes a lot more to achieve the qualified leads and ROI that a company needs. That’s what we did for a manufacturing client that markets to engineers and plant operators: a complete revamp of the marketing program in an integrated campaign with such strong results that it earned a gold award. 

If your company is struggling to generate leads, especially sales qualified leads, and if you want more traffic to your website, then read the story of how we did it.  

Cablevey Conveyors is a global leader in designing and manufacturing enclosed, tubular drag conveyor systems. The company's conveyors are used in various industries, including food processing and pharmaceuticals. In 2021, Cablevey was acquired by a new ownership group that set an aggressive goal for the company to double sales in two years.  

It was clear that tweaks to existing marketing programs would not be enough. The new owners hired us to revamp the company's marketing strategy to achieve this goal. We conducted a comprehensive review of Cablevey's marketing and sales operations and developed a plan to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and close sales. 

The Strategy Behind the Digital Marketing Revamp 

Goldstein Group Communications’ (GGC) marketing revamp for Cablevey included the following elements: 

  • A new website: we designed and developed a new website for Cablevey that is more user-friendly and responsive. The website also includes more information about the company's products and services, case studies, and testimonials from satisfied customers. This was very intentional, as these are the kinds of content that move prospects toward a purchase. 
  • A new content marketing strategy: We developed a content marketing strategy for Cablevey that includes blog posts, white papers, e-books, and other types of content. The goal of this content is to educate potential customers about Cablevey's products and services, as well as to position the company as a thought leader in the conveying industry, driving home relevant and distinctive messaging. The content covers all of the stages of the buyer's journey, from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel content. 
  • Also, we incorporated interactive content into this strategy for even more lead generation opportunities.
  • A new social media strategy: GGC developed a new social media strategy for Cablevey, including content creation, engagement, and paid advertising. This strategy aims to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the company's website.
  • A new lead generation strategy: GGC developed a new lead generation strategy for Cablevey that includes email marketing, webinars, and trade shows. This strategy aims to capture contact information from potential customers and nurture them into sales opportunities. 

Leads, Sales Qualified Leads, and Website Traffic  

The marketing revamp that we developed for Cablevey has been very successful and led to a coveted “Gold” Award from our local chapter of PRSA for integrated marketing. Seven months after launch, the results that stood out to Cablevey (and the judges!) included the following: 

  • The company's website traffic had increased by 200% post site-launch. 
  • The number of leads generated had risen by 500% YOY. 
  • Sales Qualified Leads eclipsed the goal for the year at 132% of the goal with five months remaining.  

Now that’s some measurable ROI! Reach out to us at any time if you’d like to see some more examples of Revamps for ROI. 

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