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30 Tips to Increase B2B Lead Generation

December 15, 2022   Posted By Laura Schreiber

Goldstein Group Communications is Celebrating 30 years in Business by Giving Away 30 Tips for B2B Lead Generation 

The year was 1992. Compact discs had just surpassed cassette tapes in popularity, you called a store for directions, used a card catalog for research, and the internet was so young that Yahoo wouldn’t be around for another couple of years. And on the east side of Cleveland, a new public relations firm named Goldstein Group Communications (GGC) had just been started by Joel Goldstein. 

GGC is celebrating its 30th year of helping B2B clients find and keep customers. During those years the changes in marketing have been astoundinggoing from design board to graphic software, phone calls to emails, print to digital advertising, and many more. The benefits of longevity have helped GGC improve B2B lead generation, adding skills and experience with each new employee and client.

Having said that, we’d like to celebrate 30 years by sharing a few of our favorite tips covered in our latest guide, 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas. We hope you’ll learn a new trick for improving your own lead generation program. 

To read all the 30 tips, along with lead generation strategy and helpful metrics, download the free guide in its entirety here. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Audit your website for missed lead generation opportunities. For one of our clients, we added more CTAs (Calls to Action) to more web pages and also added popup banners. The result? Leads from website traffic doubled. All with no new ad spending and no new content. Your website is your most powerful marketing tool; audit your site for missed CTA opportunities. 

success stories in lead generation


The Bandwagon Effect. We all know it’s hard to take a chance on something “unproven.” But if someone else has tried it, we’re quick to follow suit. Show how your digital marketing has been adopted by your customer’s peers… “Over 1,000 have already signed up for our webinar.”

When filling out the social media calendar, we’ll put in “throwback” posts, such as “Here’s a look back at our most popular guide.” Not only are we getting to re-use proven content, but we’re also targeting new prospects who might not have been part of our target audience the first time around. 

A great title. You’ve only got a few seconds of your prospect’s attention, so use it wisely! Research shows that calling your content a guide or primer will get more leads than calling it a white paper.  If you sell to engineers, calling your content a technical handbook makes it practically irresistible. Just be sure to follow through on your promise. A handbook should include engineering drawings, equations, etc. A guide should include actionable information, not just sales messages.  

By the way, we have found that comparison guides make productive bottom-of-the-funnel offers. 

Don’t be afraid to use A/B testing to determine the most successful titles. HubSpot lets you A/B test different versions of emails and web pages quickly and easily. 

Give options for different stages of the buying journey. “Request a quote” may be too far in the buyer’s journey for prospects just looking for more information, so provide a couple of different CTAs that give prospect options that match how comfortable they are with engaging.

 - Top of funnel – download a white paper 

 - Middle of funnel – get the buyer’s guide, request a demo 

 - Bottom of funnel – free samples, request a quote, talk to a salesperson 

Stand out among the sea of sameness. At GGC, we talk to clients about writing text that is specific to what they are best at in the world. Using corporate gobbledygook such as “innovative,” “cutting edge,” or other overused marketing words doesn’t adequately describe your sell-points and fits in a sea of sameness. When it comes to web pages, social media, paid search, and display advertising, give prospects specific, believable, and unique reasons for clicking your CTA.  strategies for successful lead generation


Location, location, location. The more CTAs you provide on your website, the more chances of lead generation. Case in point : only 50% of people visitors will scroll “below the fold,” so incorporate multiple CTAs in dropdown navigation at the top each page. See how skillfully our client Metalcraft does this on their website. 

How to improve lead generation


Use contrast to make CTAs stand out. Don’t make prospects hunt for your CTAs on your website. Imagine a prospect that is ready to talk to a salesperson. You’d want them to find that request-a-quote button! Or imagine someone is doing an early search looking for more information. You want them to know there is a webinar, online demo, or white paper available.

How to get more leads


Promote relevant offers on web pages. This is where we see great success. When a visitor is on the chemical industry page, promote the Chemical Industry Trends Webinar. When they are on a product page, promote a free demo. Nurturing a visitor from one page to another provides longer session times (which impresses Google). Work to keep a visitor on your website and give them all the answers that they need. They won’t need to go elsewhere, and they will have enough information to decide they are ready to engage with your company.  

How to improve web visit time


Thank-you pages are great CTA real estate. So many thank-you pages have a simple message. What if you used this page that interested prospects will see for even more CTAs? They’ve downloaded a white paper, now direct them to schedule a demonstration. They’ve signed up for a webinar, now lead them to a guide of the same industry or product category.  

Easy ways to improve lead generation


Ready for even more tips on lead generation? Get our guide, 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas. When you’re ready to learn how GGC can help incorporate these tips into your digital marketing, contact us 









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