A Conscience is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Posted by Tom Andel

Jul 1, 2015 3:24:00 PM

We recently posted our firm’s core values. Some might think that a marketing agency’s core
values should be whatever its clients say they are—“otherwise, shut up.” That might have been fine for Goldstein Group if it hadn’t committed to growing from its roots as a public relations (PR) firm, but any company that adds “Communications” to its name adds an obligation to its services for clients—beyond acting as a mouthpiece. If you look at GGC’s values, three of them deserve the media spotlight as practiced by any company—especially these days, with a number of high-profile p.r. agencies and executives stepping into it (the spotlight that is). They’re doing that because their clients have stepped into it (a spotlight, yes, but also something that’s a bit hotter and messier) and they require their agency’s help cleaning it up.

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Core Values Justify Our Existence

Posted by Tom Andel

Jun 24, 2015 4:20:00 PM

Many companies live on “The Edge of Tomorrow.” That’s both a value judgment and a movie title tie-in. The movie, a Tom Cruise sci-fi adventure that died at the U.S. box office last year, was about a guy who, on a daily basis, dies after the same battle with a formidable enemy. But every day he comes back to life to fight that battle again, and little by little he develops new strategies to be more effective.

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Sure we love our new site. And it’s sending you an important message!

Posted by Joel Goldstein

Jun 18, 2015 1:01:00 PM

A new site.  A new logo.  A new brand statement, “Measurably Better Marketing.”  So what’s
it all mean?

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About Us and this Blog:

At Goldstein Group Communications, we believe passionately in the power of great ideas, coupled with the impact of measurable results. It’s a philosophy that delivers customers to the sales team, profits to the CFO, and sustainable growth to the CEO. Inspired ideas that are grounded in the real world demands of the market.

We call it Measurably Better Marketing. 


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