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One Really Good Thing about CASL and Five Ways to Use It

December 15, 2022   Posted By Loren Meck

There’s no question about it: CASL is a new frustration for legitimate marketers. 
In19 Ways to Brainstorm New Blog Content Understanding the CASL Hassle, we’ve addressed a number of the FAQs related to the new Canada Anti-Spam Law. Now that you’re informed, the next step is to decide what to do about it.  

Bottom line: During the defined transitional period, your goal is to migrate as many of your email contacts from ‘implied consent’ to ‘expressed consent’.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the best ways to do this is to send multiple emails, which could be defined as a spam-like activity? After all, not everyone will open the first (or even second) email you send in an attempt to get the double opt-in needed for expressed consent.

However, there is a silver lining in the CASL clouds. It provides the opportunity to engage (re-engage?) with your contacts in a variety of creative ways. You don’t have to let your CASL compliance efforts turn you into a spammer in the minds of those who have opted-in to receiving your emails. Instead, as savvy marketers, we are encouraging our clients to use their CASL efforts as a reason to engage and educate their prospects and customers while further building brand awareness and loyalty.

Here are five ways to leverage your CASL compliance efforts into a campaign to improve your lead nurturing and client engagement while refining your database:

  1. Re-invigorate your blog
    One of the most logical ways to get expressed consent is to send an email blast encouraging your contacts to subscribe to your blog. In the email, include links to several of your most popular, highly relevant blog posts. Assure the readers they can opt-in to receive your emails at a frequency that works for them (e.g., instant, weekly, monthly).

  2. Build your e-newsletter subscriber base
    Using an approach similar to #2 above, encourage your contact base to opt-in to receive your e-newsletter. Let them know the added value they receive from being a subscriber (e.g., informative articles, offers, incentives, etc.) and be sure to use the opt-in approach that is CASL compliant.

  3. Promote a Contest
    There’s absolutely nothing in the CASL laws that says you cannot incentivize your efforts to get expressed consent from the people on your email list. Be strategic with how you build and promote the contest. While one of the goals is to get contacts in your database to be CASL compliant, it’s not the only reason to have a contest. You can grow your database as well!

  4. Use a Survey
    Wouldn’t you like to get to know your various buyer personas even better? A well-developed survey is a great way to learn more about the people in your database. It doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, it shouldn’t be! Make it a set of YES-NO and multiple choice questions. Preferably, you should keep it to 10 or less. Remember, you can have a follow-up survey ready to go that will help capture even more depth about your ‘dream customers’. Ask questions about their industry, pain points, etc. Take it a step further: Why not combine your survey with a contest to increase your click-through rates?

  5. Get Social
    More and more B2B companies are learning the added value of ‘becoming social’. In fact, many are beginning to see ROI for their efforts. When you define your CASL compliance strategy, consider adding social elements that help build your channels. There are a number of ways to build your social presence while building brand awareness with your fans and soon-to-be fans.

Regardless of the methods you choose to use, there’s no reason to be boring, stodgy or complicated. Make it easy. Make it fun. Show your contacts the creative and imaginative side of your brand.

So, what do you think? DO you have any additional ideas on how to creatively use CASL to increase brand awareness with your prospects and fans?


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