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Are You Asking The Magic Question On Your Lead Forms and Landing Pages?

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

For most companies, it’s not just about generating leads.  Most of us can do that, prettymagic easily.  It’s actually about generating OPPORTUNITIES.  How do we find people who are “sales-ready,” who are closer to buying than just early-stage researchers who enter the top of the funnel?  Late stage leads shorten the sales cycle and reduce our cost/lead, of course.  But how to separate out the top-of-funnel from middle- or even bottom-of-funnel inquiries?

One client employed what we began calling “the magic question” in their lead forms, particularly for webcast registrations.  They created a 5-part webcast series, since they found that webcast generally generated the most leads and those of the highest quality.  However, even among the several thousand leads who attended all five webcasts, the magic question helped us determine the best of the best leads to pursue:  Do you have a project in the next 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12+ months? 

Simple, certainly, and not invented by this company.  Many in fact have used that qualifier over time, but it’s a question that only can be put on a registration form for high value content like a webcast.  Most won’t answer that type of question just for a routine white paper download.  But they will for a webcast.

And it worked.  In fact, a whopping 26% of all webcast registrations had an imminent, active project closing within the next 6 months, a huge source of revenue opportunity for the company.  And while many consider webcasts a time consuming endeavor, this company simply presented information repurposed from earlier trade show “tech talks” or articles that had been published.

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Written by Joel Goldstein:
Goldstein Group agency president who builds “Measurably Better Marketing” programs that create WOW experiences for clients.

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