Do Sponsored Tweets Campaigns on Twitter Work?

Posted by Joel Goldstein

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Apr 3, 2014 12:33:00 PM

They’re admittedly new to b-to-b marketers, but sponsored tweets are just one of the new tactics we’re using to drive qualified visitors to client sites, drive higher social mediasponsored tweets engagement (important to Google and boosting search engine rankings), and to generate leads.

We just launched a Sponsored Tweet Campaign for a tutorial handbook (our best offer), and one on an infographic. Here’s some things we’re learning:

  • There are two ways of setting up a Sponsored Tweet – based on keywords and hashtags people enter, or based on “Interests,” which is determined by programming the Sponsored Tweet to be served up to those who frequent the same industry Twitter sites you’re targeting (association sites, magazines, key industry bloggers, etc.).  We even identified competitors to include in our targeting.

  • Our A/B testing showed that by far the best engagement came from “Interests.”  We didn’t expect that, by the way.  Ah, the value of A/B testing!

  • Our most new followers also came from our Interests campaigns.

  • In a very brief test campaign, the number of people who shared our infographic or retweeted it tripled.

  • Strong offers work for Sponsored Tweets just as with any other marketing channel.  Clicks and engagement for Sponsored Tweets promoting our handbook outperformed by 10 times the general information tweets we ran.

 So, who’s going to tweet this blog post out?


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Written by Joel Goldstein:
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