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Marketing Automation Success – It’s Not the Tool, It’s the People

October 27, 2015   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Ten years ago companies began installing CRM systems;  today they’re more likely to beMarketing Automation Assessment frustrated than fans of what they’ve put in place.  Three years ago companies all opened their Facebook and Twitter pages as part of their big “social media” initiative;  and today most are still socially learning, not loving their programs.  And now, companies are doing it again, as are we – with Marketing Automation initiatives like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, etc.  (Full disclosure – we’re a Hubspot VAR ourselves).  So are we going to look back in 2016 at our Marketing Automation implementations and point to yet another failed marketing technology launch?  In some cases yes, but I think less so this time around.  We believe marketers place a greater understanding on process and, for Marketing Automation, the role of content and are deemphasizing the magical powers of the technology tool itself.  That’s good, and we want to help move that along.  If you’re thinking about taking the Marketing Automation plunge, make it less of a leap of faith.  Take our assessment test here, and see where your organization stands in making a Marketing Automation program successful.

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