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B-to-B Marketing: 9th Idea for 2014

December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein
Webcasts and custom eblasts are at the top for lead generation. Ourb2b marketing agency buys all types of online and offline lead generation programs – banners, various email ads, directory programs, etc. However, two programs consistently deliver the best response today across all media, for a wide variety of clients: webcast and custom enewletter programs. In fact, when we do our year-end analysis of cost/lead, cost/impression and cost/click results, those are the two ad programs that always seem to be the top performers. It’s likely due to the nature of our engineering audiences – engineers value the tutorial nature of these programs, the problem-solution format of so much of this content. Their time is limited, of course, but when we present them with valuable information to help them do their jobs better, they’ll tune in and enter our prospect funnel by sharing their lead information with us.

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