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December 15, 2022   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Marketing today is different.


The way people get information, who they listen to and how they’re reached is changing so rapidly that the way we approach marketing will likely be different every two years.  And that applies to 2014, certainly.

Consider a few studies that indicate how b-to-b marketers are allocating their dollars going forward, and where they find the greatest ROI.  You’ll begin to see some patterns: 

Spending in 2012 (Source:  Outsell):

  • Total B2B digital advertising grew by 10% to $59.5 billion, while print advertising continued its long-term decline, falling 3.7% to $39.8 billion

  • Spend with industry-specific trade websites grew by 9.7% to $3.9 billion

  • Webinars grew by 21.3% to $2 billion

  • Sponsoring content grew by 10.6% to $1.4 billion

Budget increases for b-to-b marketing, 2014 (Source:  MarketingSherpa).  For example, 64% of the people responding to this survey report they will increase their budget for Content Marketing in 2014:

2014 Marketing Budget

B2B Spending (Source:  Fierce Marketing)

  • Content Marketing 35%

  • Social Media 25%

  • SEO 15%

  • Email 10%

  • Mobile 9%

  • PPC 3%

  • Media Buying 3% 

- Content That Delivers Best ROI

  • Articles 62%

  • Videos 52%

  • White Papers 46%

  • Photos 38%

  • Sales Copy 30%

  • Infographics 28%

  • Buyers Guides 22%

You can see the trend toward Content Marketing in all three studies above.  In fact, magazine editors at UBM Publishing are no longer called editors, they’re called “Content Managers.” 

Of course, this has been taking place for some time.  Our agency has been aggressive not only in finding ways to create content, but also to aggressively work to repurpose that content in a variety of ways.  For example, we’ll generate a piece of content, and spin it out to the market in a variety of ways:

  • Videos – ideal for storytelling your customer success stories2013 Marketing Breakdown

  • Article

  • Webcast

  • White Paper

  • Blog Post

  • Email

  • Newsletter

  • Handbook chapter

  • Posts on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook  

As you plan for 2014 marketing initiatives, you’re likely planning to devote more resources to content marketing.  Create content that educates, that teaches your customers “how to do their jobs better.”  It’s not just about generating empty content, but content that truly adds values and stature to your brand.  Quality matters.  It always does.

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