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Six Ways to Boost Your Website Lead Flow by the End of the Day

October 27, 2015   Posted By Joel Goldstein

Boosting lead generation and website performance today doesn’t require learning any deep, 6 Ways to Boost Your Website's Lead Flowdark secrets. With the lead-tracking capabilities Marketing Automation software makes possible, the source of ROI is clear. Just about everyone has heard this marketing comment: “I know half of my marketing is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” Now, with Marketing Automation software, we can know.

Here are the six most immediate and effective tactics for boosting lead conversion on a B-to-B marketer’s site.

  1. Engage with visuals, by using more pictures, videos, animated demos and infographics. People read less and less than in the past; that’s particularly evident online.

  2. More offers on the home page. Although websites were once thought of as your brand’s front door (and that’s still the case to some degree), a true lead-generating website is crafted with offers and engagement in mind.

  3. “Don’t tell me what you do; tell me what you do BETTER.” Your copy will dramatically improve when you build buyer personas that describe your target customers, their pain points, and how you’re uniquely qualified to solve them.

  4. It’s basic but too often overlooked. Put a short lead form in the upper right corner of your home page, and make sure it includes the “magic question:” Do you have an active project and when?

  5. Remarketing banners are working magic now. They’re a relatively new technique, and they’re proving wildly effective in generating quality lead flow for our B-to-B clients.

  6. Live chat. Long a staple of consumer sites, inexpensive live chat tools are becoming more common – and therefore will be more expected – on B-to-B sites.

Read more about each idea, and see samples, from our white paper on Boost Your Website Lead Flow

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